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We specialize in freight procurement, freight technology, and freight logistics. In a demanding, ever-changing environment, we depend on our supply chain more than ever. Free trade increases prosperity and quality of life for Americans, and all participating nations.

We help businesses and governments buy the goods and necessities that keep them moving forward.

We provide freight logistics and freight technology to transport goods and products to their final destination with reliability, visibility, and transparency.


Who We Are

We are entrepreneurs and humanitarians. We are dedicated in our quest to provide solutions for time sensitive, mission critical, problems facing humanity. We believe that technology innovation, coupled with hard work and dedication, is the answer.

We’ve been building web technologies since 2000 and mobile technologies since 2006. In 2017, we recognized that supply chain and logistics processes were complex and highly segmented. Additionally, supply chain operations relied heavily on legacy built systems and technology. Four years later, we continue to provide solutions for some of the most complex issues facing the supply chain. Supply chain is mission critical and essential to human survival.

Garrett Lang


Dr. Garrett Lang has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and over 22 years of software and web development experience. He has founded several start-ups and loves helping bring people's ideas to reality.


Justin Shane


Justin Shane has a background in business and finance. He has been involved with multiple technology start-ups and is eager to help make a positive difference in the world.

Freight Procurement / PPE

The supply chain is mission critical and time sensitive, even more so during a global pandemic. With a worldwide demand for Personal Protective Equipment and supplies, it has become increasingly more difficult for governments and businesses to find and purchase the supplies they need to keep point of care providers, and essential workers safe. It is imperative that our frontline workers be equipped with the supplies they need to keep them safe and out of harms way.


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